Mr. Taylor is the owner and Executive Director of Carmichael Enterprises
Residential Program, Ltd. He has more than 20 years of front-line experience
working with mentally ill and developmentally delayed clients. His commitment to the understanding and implementation of best practices in the field has led him to mentor a wide-range of agencies seeking accreditation, and improved programming and management. He is passionate about creating quality programs for the mentally ill and developmentally delayed, and the organizational culture that will support long-term, positive development. Mr. Taylor is presently a CARF surveyor in Behavioral Health, and specializes in policy development and program design. 

Carmichael Enterprises

Carmichael Enterprises Ltd. is a CARF-Accredited agency, and one of the first agencies in the province of British Columbia to earn accreditation. The organization started in 1998, and is now widely recognized for its innovative programs, and the ability to create success with clients. Carmichael has received several exemplary designations in the field, and long been a leader in improving the lives of youths with disabilities who have been dismissed or rejected by other organizations. 

CARF Accreditation Report 

Excerpts from Carmichael Enterprises CARF Accreditation Report:

The organization is commended for its exemplary positive and proactive behavior treatment system….The SIVA system is a positive program that links persons served and staff members together to develop effective safety strategies to reduce aggressive or maladaptive behaviors by promoting teamwork between persons served and staff members….SIVA represents a philosophy and programmatic model that could be replicated by other CARF-accredited organizations….The organization is commended for its implementation of continuous quality improvement measures and is encouraged to continue using the CARF standards to further its benefits to persons served and their families.

I believe that Mike Taylor and Carmichael Enterprises provide a consistent professional level of care.
This has been the best training I have received to date. 
I only wish there were more services of your caliber available to support the children, youth and families of this region.